25 Year Crew Reunion Information

2010 Pitt Drumline Reunion

As the wise old saying goes..."where there's Brew, there's the Crew!" Since this year marks 25 years of "Crew", I thought it would be appropriate to return to our bacchanalian roots, and what better way to do that than to hold the reunion at a bier garden! That's right, the reunion will be taking place at Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh, located in the South Side Works near the Hot Metal Bridge on Sunday, October 3, 2010 from 2pm to 5pm

Due to multiple weekday home football games on this year's schedule, alumni weddings, and other scheduling conflicts, the weekend of October 1/2/3 ended up being the most logical choice for holding the reunion this year. Unfortunately, Pitt's opponent that weekend will be the Sun Belt Conference's annual doormat, the Florida International University Golden Panthers...but the good part about that is that we should have no problem ensuring everyone who attends the reunion will get a free ticket to the game (not to mention we should see a win...which is always a plus for those of us who marched back in the days when NO game was a sure thing!) Hofbräuhaus doesn't accept group event reservations on Friday or Saturday nights, and since many people faced transportation challenges trying to make it on time to the last Crew Reunion (that was held on a Friday night), we figured that Sunday afternoon might work out better for everyone anyway...

The reunion is not only a great opportunity to bring everyone together and share old stories, but it is also a great fund-raiser for the drumline. Money from the last reunion in 2005 helped to support many special drumline purchases over the past 5 years that the band budget couldn't cover...things like a long-ranger for the metronome, bass drum racks and rim savers, wrist bands, partial subsidy of cymbal gloves, some tech fees, and so on. The funds from that last reunion just ran out at the end of last year, so we are counting on your support to help make this year's reunion a success and hopefully fill the coffers back up to sustain another 5 years of growth and drumline improvement.

To honor the year we credit with the "founding of the Crew", the cost of this year's reunion will be $19 per kid (under 12), and $85 per adult. There will be an open bar, and dinner buffet of Bavarian cuisine. (There will also be a kids menu for those who don't mind subjecting their children to the hairy, unwashed masses...) For adults that do NOT plan to drink (aka, Designated Drivers) OR current drumline members, the cost of attending will only be $50. Like I mentioned before, every person that pays to attend the reunion will be guaranteed a ticket to the game - even if they already have a season ticket (so you can give your extra ticket to family or friends, if you wish).

As of right now, there are no plans to assemble an alumni reunion drumline for this year. Too many logistical issues and time constraints, with the event being only 5 weeks away. However, if there is an overwhelming desire by the group to put an alumni line together, I suppose that we could consider throwing something together...


Since we don't have much funds right now, I plan to take RSVPs via email (instead of mailing out invitations). To RSVP, please send an email to bwroot@uss.com with the following info:

  • Total number of people attending, plus each person's full name and whether or not they are a child ($19), non-drinking adult($50), or a drinking adult ($85)
  • Depending on how many you have attending, give me a list of full names that will need tickets to the football game (if different from the names attending the reunion) We will be doing the "will call" thing for gameday tickets again this year, so once I have a list of people that need them, I'll send out the directions on what you will need to do to claim your tickets on the day of the game.

Please send a check for the total amount, made out to the "Pitt Drumline". I will accept checks in person (if I see you between now and then), or you can send them in the mail to the following address:

Pitt Drumline c/o Brad Root
223 Bryson Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Please RSVP for the 25-year Crew Reunion via by September 15, 2010. Payment must be received by September 22, 2010.

This email is only going out to everyone I have an email address for, so please forward this to anyone else you may still be in contact with that doesn't appear to be in the "Receiver" list. Also, I have included the latest updated version of the Crew Directory as an attachment. If any of your information is different than what I have listed here...or if you have info for someone else, please send me those updates as well and I'll be sure to update the master copy.

I'm sure there are a ton of things I am forgetting to clarify, so if you need to call me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns...my number is 412.977.DRUM

I'm looking forward to a great day of Labor Day Softball, the much anticipated start of the 2010 Pitt Football season, and to hopefully seeing you all at the 25-Year Crew Reunion! Deuce Down, and Hail to Pitt!!

~ Brad "White Trash" Root